How do I change my booking?


I chose Free Cancellation

All you need to do is:

 Log into your Hostelworld account.

  1. Find your booking.
  2. Click on “Cancel”.
  3. The hostel will get a notification and you’ll receive a refund*.

If you want to cancel by calling or emailing the hostel, you’ll find their contact details in My Trips on the Hostelworld app and in the booking confirmation email.

 *Due to Covid-19 your refund will take longer than usual. We are sorry and we will get to your claim as soon as we can.

I have a Flexible Booking

All you need to do is:

1. Log into your Hostelworld account by clicking here.
2. Find your booking.
3. Click on “Cancel”.
4. The property will be automatically notified, and your credit will be added right away. Simply use the same email address on your new booking for this credit to apply towards your deposit on your new booking.
5.  Or, you can contact the property directly to change.  Just give them a call or send them an email using their contact details on your confirmation email.


I have a Non-Flexible Booking

You can change your booking in one of 2 ways:

  1. Online through your Hostelworld account - Simply log in, find your booking, and click on ‘Change’. Change your dates/room type etc and then fill in your payment details. Once confirmed, you will be given a new booking reference number.
    2. Contact the hostel. You’ll find their contact details in My Trips on the Hostelworld app and in the booking confirmation email. Let them know you wish to change your booking.

Don’t forget: The deposit you paid is non-refundable. This means if you are cancelling any part of your booking, the deposit you have paid for those dates is non-refundable


I have a Non Refundable Booking

As a non refundable booking cannot be changed online through your Hostelworld account, you will need to change it directly with the hostel. Just send them an email or give them a call. Just be aware that the changes might not be possible as your dates are set.

Please note: The full balance can still be charged in full by the hostel even if you shorten your stay or reduce your number of guests.

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