Coronavirus (Covid-19)


The impact of Covid-19 is familiar to us all and we recognise the disruption it’s caused not only to the world but to you as individuals too.

We are here for you if you need us, but due to the volume of queries there may be a significant delay in our response. We are sorry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

This page will be updated regularly, as we receive new information, so do keep it bookmarked if you have upcoming travel plans. 

You all make up an incredible community and we’re pretty sure you don’t need reminding, but please treat others with kindness. Let’s show each other the same respect as we would at any other time and understand that we have a responsibility to the world.  

Keeping hostels safe:

We are constantly seeking advice and reviewing our processes as Covid-19 evolves. We recognise how important it is to contain the virus, so we are asking the hostels on our site to follow their government’s guidelines. This means extra cleaning, hand sanitisation, social distancing (in both rooms and social areas) rules are all being followed. If we discover a hostel is not following the required guidelines we will investigate and may remove them from Hostelworld.

Where can I get accurate Covid-19 travel information? 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) – General travel advice and Coronavirus updates 

For specific destinations we recommend checking your government’s advice: 












New Zealand 


South Korea 



United Kingdom 

United States 

Are you concerned that you have Coronavirus? 

First off, check whether you have the symptoms: A cough, high temperature and a shortness of breath. 

If you have symptoms, we shouldn’t need to tell you that it’s a good idea not to travel. Even if you are young, fit and healthy (and likely to shake the virus off), you should minimise any risk to others, who may be more vulnerable. 

The advice across all impacted countries is to self-isolate, so please be conscious of this and do all you can to contain the virus. 

Hostels do all they can to keep backpackers safe, so if you are displaying symptoms please understand they may ask you to make alternative plans.  

What if the hostel cancels my booking? 

The hostel won’t have made this decision without good reason. Keeping everyone healthy, happy and safe is the priority. If your booking was cancelled by the hostel, contact us here and our team can support. 

What if I can no longer travel? 

Have your booking details handy and check your cancellation policy. You can see this in our app, in your account, or on the email confirmation.   

  • If you have free cancellation just go ahead and cancel in your Hostelworld account. There’s no need to let us know. 
  • If you have free cancellation and are due to check-in within 24 hours, please contact the hostel directly and let them know. 

If your government has said don’t travel to your booked destination, and you were planning to check in by April 30th, don’t worry, we can get this sorted for you now. The following advice also applies if you are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms. 

  • If you booked with free cancellation, just head to your account and cancel. 
  • If you chose a standard or non-refundable rate, contact us here. 

If you booked with free cancellation and cancel within the advised period, you will receive a refund. This will take longer than normal, so we appreciate your patience. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this delay may cause. In all other cases mentioned we will credit your Hostelworld account, so your adventures can continue when you’re ready. We will constantly review these policies, so keep checking back if you have future travels planned. 

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