Review Guidelines


All reviews expressed here are the views of users who have booked and stayed at hostels booked through our website. The opinions expressed are those of users and not of We do not endorse any of the customer opinions or hostel owner responses published on our site. We reserve the right to remove reviews for any reason, including but not limited to circumstances where, in our reasonable opinion, the review contains a mistake as to fact or allegations which we find to have been unsubstantiated.

Defamatory Content

We do not allow any defamatory or offensive language to be published on our site, this includes racially abusive language, threatening language or any other language which we consider to be offensive.

Authentic Content

We do not allow reviews written by owners or managers or any reviews where incentives or threats are used by managers or owners to influence customers. If you are aware of any such abuse, please inform us.

Genuine Content

We only accept reviews from customers who have actually booked and stayed at a property booked through our website. If it is confirmed that you did not actually stay or were asked to leave for genuine reasons by the property owner / manager, we reserve the right to remove your review. To report abuse of our reviews system you can contact us here.

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