How can I stay safe online when I travel?


Just like you need to watch out for your physical safety when travelling, staying safe online is just as important. Our Head of Security has written some tips to help you protect your personal data, avoid scammers and stay safe online. Here are some key things to look out for:

  1. Be wary of unsolicited emails from people posing as Hostelworld. You can always email us at, to check if it’s us.
  2. We will never contact you out of the blue, for your credit card, contact details or personal information. Keep all these details secure in the Hostelworld app.
  3. If you’re using shared computers in hostel common rooms, always log yourself out once you’re done.
  4. Be cautious about the WIFI networks you use, try to find secure networks whenever you can. It’s a good idea to download a reputable VPN from the app store to help avoid unintentionally sharing your personal data.
  5. Watch out for any emails trying to create a sense of urgency with unusual requests. Just like you’d be wary of this in real life when travelling you should watch out for it online too!
  6. If you do receive a suspicious email just slow down and take a breath. Double-check who the email is from and never click on any links, or open dodgy looking attachments.
  7. If you’ve been scammed or given out sensitive information, report it at once to any companies involved and if necessary, your bank.
  8. If you suspect that communication is not legitimately coming from Hostelworld then please email our customer service department at
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